The NCMDA is a new organization, but one that is rapidly growing to support motorcycle dealership initiatives in all 50 states. Supporting NCMDA through your membership will fund our mission to facilitate establishment of viable dealer associations in every state. State dealer associations are the most powerful tool in our industry to affectively impact legislation at all levels.

It is well proven that dealers at the grass roots level have more influence and impact on politicians and the political processes than can be garnered with national companies and organizations. Our sport and industry needs a strong dealer organization with direct dealership contacts for motivating customers and front line staff – those voting constituents who know their legislators and bureaucrats intimately.
A key element in our mission is to build a rapid communication system to timely activate local response to pro/con legislation impacting our industry and sport.

Joining the NCMDA is simple and affordable and makes sense. Supporting Membership annual dues are simply “$10-per-state-per-year” - $500. We will invoice you. In exchange, we will list you on our website along with your logo and link to your website. Simple, easy, and very much appreciated.

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